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TFSG has a demonstrated track record of performance in support services and solution building for data management, information management, security posture maintenance, and platform management needs. TFSG offers the following services to meet our client’s needs
  • Management Consulting Services



    TFSG envisions itself as a mission partner with its clients.  In that role, TFSG has engaged in providing its clients project management, business process realignment and business process engineering as well as other management consulting services.  TFSG’s Management Consulting approach primarily involves analyzing the clients existing organizational needs and developing the necessary plans to help achieve those goals.  The following includes, but is not limited to, the services that TFSG can offer under Management Consulting:


    • Strategy Development

    • Information Policy Development

    • Configuration Management

    • Technology Implementation Planning

    • Network Security Planning and Support

    • Infrastructure Maintenance and Support


    Our approach in offering these services has enabled us to properly evaluate a client’s engagement on a project while staying in line with the clients strategic and tactical objectives.  TFSG has performed Management Consulting Services for clients including, but not limited to:


    • Department of Homeland Security – Office of Inspector General (DHS-OIG): From planning, implementation, to deployment, the Enterprise Application group has enabled DHS-OIG to recognize and envision the need for various components in the Network and Help Desk environments and provided strategic planning for the enterprise application environment to streamline its mission critical systems and processes.


    • Federal Election Commission (FEC):  TFSG conducted feasibility studies, reviewed FEC’s internal business processes, and provided its assessments, and presented its recommendations on production system enhancements, and business tools selection.



  • System Development Life Cycle Services


    Being task dependent, the System Development Life Cycle Services begin from the clients’ requirements all the way through development, deployment, testing, and maintenance.  Our approach has enabled our clients achieve success within their mission goals.  The following summarizes TFSG’s approach to System Development Life Cycle Services:


    • Helping the client establish a technology vision and high level conceptual architecture

    • Proper and thorough assessment of the existing environment to determine whether it can support the proposed solution

    • Designing a system that meets the client’s requirements

    • Implementing the solution without disrupting the network or creating points of vulnerability

    • Maintaining the network through day to day operations

    • Adapting the architecture, operation, and performance of the network to ever changing needs


    TFSG has performed System Development Life Cycle Services for the following clients:


    • FEC: TFSG performed the above mentioned services when implementing the Data Warehouse prototype.

    • Department of Treasury – Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP): System development services, programming and system analytical services, and SAP support services undergo full System Development Life Cycle support and management.

    • Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS): TFSG provides System Development Life Cycle Services for existing applications at CMS.



  • Data Services


    TFSG offers its clients Data Services including, but not limited to data modeling, data architecture and design, and database design and data warehousing. Through these Data Services, our clients are able to manage, monitor, track, control, audit, cleanse, archive, and migrate data across their enterprise landscape.  These services provide the following advantages:


    • Clients are able to access, retrieve, manipulate, and report their data in an efficient and swift manner

    • Our innovative presentation layer solutions offer efficient data and reporting interfaces mapped to business requirements and organizational needs

    • Assures data integrity, quality, and auditability at all levels of data acquisition, control, processing, management, and presentation


    TFSG has performed these services at numerous clients including, but not limited to DHS-OIG, CMS, FEC, and BEP.



  • Computer Operations, Application Support, and Security Services


    TFSG’s approach to Computer Operations and Security Services entails managing, operating, supporting, maintaining, and administering computer operations.  TFSG’s goal in providing these services is to assure proper and diligent implementation of enterprise security policy. TFSG understands that Computer Operations and Security Services are critical to the success of client’s mission objectives.  The following are the major categories in support of Computer Operations and Security Services:


    • User Support: Through the use of a Help Desk support environment, TFSG assures Tier-1 through Tier-3 level of computer, network, and application support on the desktop.  The Help Desk operation also forms a central support mechanism for all enterprise desktop and computer needs providing efficient and swift resolution to user needs.

    • Software Support: It is essential that software functions correctly and is safeguarded from corruption or malicious threats.  These services assure that system, application, network, and desktop software remain inoculated from all vulnerabilities including viruses, malicious attacks, unintentional destruction, or degradation.  In addition, TFSG manages a well-developed software upgrade and patch management program to assure all software within the enterprise remain current and appropriately patched according to vendor specifications.

    • Configuration Management: As part of configuration management under these services, TFSG assures that any environmental change is adequately captured and recorded within the enterprise baselines and according to pre-established approval process.

    • Documentation: TFSG documents all aspects of computer support and operations as well as security services rendered to assure auditable track of services as well as an environmental record is preserved and maintained.  In addition, this documentation is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect all environmental changes.

    • Maintenance: System maintenance is offered through the Help Desk operations for all desktop, software, and network environments to assure computer systems and computing environment components remain free of security vulnerabilities and in optimal operating condition.


    The aforementioned services have been performed across all computing environments including DHS-OIG, FMSHRC, BEP, and FEC.


  • Document and Documentation Services


    TFSG strongly believes that any project or solution support service provided to the government without adequate documentation misses the mark on a complete support profile. Hence, TFSG prides itself in compiling adequate, complete, and concise documentation from the onset of the project all the way through deployment.  This includes system manuals, user manuals, user guides, and training programs.  TFSG has also developed computer based and web based training modules.  TFSG provides direct document control for managing, maintaining, modifying, cleansing, preparing, securing, archiving, and retrieving documents in the form of document management systems.


    TFSG has performed Document and Documentation Services for clients including, but not limited to:


    • BEP: TFSG is reviewing, cleansing, analyzing, and categorizing documents in accordance with Section 508 Compliance.

    • FMSHRC: TFSG scanned and archived entire Case and Adjudication Law Libraries into searchable electronic documents.  This has decreased FMSHRC’s research time and made their workflow more efficient.


TFSG is a minority woman owned and disadvantaged small business serving the business and information technology needs of the public and private sectors in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Headquartered in Vienna, Virginia, TFSG though is a Maryland corporation and currently holds the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule 70 contract for IT Services as well as the Maryland Business Enterprise (MBE) and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) certifications in the State of Maryland. Equipped with a highly qualified team of professionals, and through its strategic partnerships with leading solutions providers, TFSG has been providing information and technology services to the public and private sector since 2001. TFSG’s diverse and consistent past performance, further detailed in Section 3, attest to our expertise in Management Consulting Services, System Development Life Cycle Services, Data Services, Computer Operations, Application Support and Security Services, and Document and Documentation Services. TFSG’s outstanding contract performance in its areas of expertise is a culmination of the company’s commitment to the bedrock principles of ingenuity, craft, quality, care, and delivery. These are the principles that have tuned our corporate philosophy towards delivering highly creative solutions to our clients while assuring uncompromised quality, on-time delivery, and under budget performance. Although this has earned us customer commendations and accolades, our crowning achievement remains the continued success of our clients in fulfilling their core missions.

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